Future Healthcare Technologies

Client Support

Our service focuses on developing a close connection with clients and providing excellent assistance. Our team is always ready to help.

Future Healthcare has a specialised Call Centre guaranteeing the support needed for every part of the service – Final Clients, Commercial Network and Service Providers – and uses the latest technology to serve the Contact Centres, with multiple channels of communication such as: SMS, Email, Chat, Click to Call, IVR, Social Networks, Internet or Telephone. The services provided include:

  • Information on the different Benefit Plans, Guarantees, Co-payments, Capitals, Limits. etc;

  • Information on the use of the Agreed Network;

  • Appointment Service, tests, treatments, surgery and hospital admission in the Medical Network and the Follow-up of the same ;

  • Information on pre-authorizations, particularly the status of the analysis of the same, reasons for refusal, etc;

  • Information on Claims for Reimbursement, particularly the status of the analysis of the same, explanation of the sums paid, indication of reasons for refusal, classification according to the General and Specific Conditions of the Benefit Plans, etc.

Virtual Card

Our service focuses on technology and ease of use. We are there no matter where the client is located.

Future Healthcare provides a Virtual Card, which can be used by installing a PassBook application, with the following advantages:

  • It is always available from smartphones, so nothing is forgotten and no space is taken up in your wallet;

  • The cards for your family unit may be available on more than one smartphone, facilitating an easier and simpler access to the Network of Service Providers for the whole family.

We want this service to help us assist our Clients at all times.

Online Consultations

Our service focuses on rapid responses and solutions for our clients. A Medical Team is always available.

Modern medical services require fast and efficient action, saving both time and resources. Future Healthcare has developed an innovative service to meet this need, with a specialised medical team using a computer platform which guarantees the patient’s total privacy, and guarantees online consultations regardless of the distance, providing top quality clinical services and excellent assistance.

Online Consultations involve a management process consisting of the following phases:

  • Request from the Client for the date and time of the Online Consultation;

  • Allocation of this request to the Doctor in the Online Consultation Network who is most appropriate for the Client’s needs;

  • Online Consultation takes place;

  • Payment of the Service Provider.