Cookies Policy

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file sent by an Internet website to a user's browser, which the user's browser returns whenever the user enters that website. This type of technology allows the user to be recognised when performing searches on the internet.

Type of cookies:

  • Permanent cookies - these cookies are stored in the user's browser of the website and are, again used whenever the user visits it. They allow the provision of a more personalised service to users.
  • Session cookies - these cookies are temporary in nature and only remain in the cookie file while browsing the website. They allow us to analyse web traffic patterns and provide a better browsing experience.

What cookies do we collect?
  • Analytical cookies - these enable us to monitor and analyse website user behaviour and create statistics. This data is collected in an anonymised form and allows us to improve the functioning of the website.
  • Necessary cookies - these are necessary for the website to function and, without their use, the services requested may not be provided. They allow navigation and use of the website and its applications.
  • Functionality cookies - these store your preferences regarding the use of the website, so that you do not need to set them up again each time you visit.
  • Third party cookies - these are set by other websites. The cookies collected may be from advertisements and/or images from third party websites that you see when you access our website. They measure the success of third-party applications and advertising effectiveness.
  • Advertising cookies - these enable us to tailor advertising to the interests of each user.

Users may disable some or all cookies at any time. On our website you can manage the cookies we collect about you and also do this by setting your cookie collection options in your browser.